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We regret to inform you that service for this application will be terminated as of 3/15/2015.*Items already purchased may be used until service termination.* There are in-App notices stating that items are currently being sold. However, in-app purchases are no longer currently available.*Upon service termination, guarantees of operation no longer apply.*The dates and times given above may be changed without prior notice.------------------------------------------------------
Those gems of gaming that were so much fun back in the day are back, and are now available in the GooglePlayStore! Namcos arcade games, which turned the arcades of the eighties into centers of fun and thrills, have been completely restored for you to enjoy on the Android! Whether youre an old school pro or a beginner, be sure to take this opportunity to play these classic titles, packed with a unique charm that seems both nostalgic and new at the same time![Included Titles] -DRAGON BUSTER-GALAGA-PAC-MAN-PAC-LAND-STAR BLADE-XEVIOUS-THE TOWER OF DRUAGA-MOTOS-ROLLING THUNDER-PHOZONEvery day you can choose a title to play one free game! Try all the titles and find a favorite!
Players seeking an extra challenge can compete with other players around the world in the online ranking board. Rankings reset weekly so take a shot at getting a high score with any of the titles!
Players from all over the world can also upload replay data, so youll be able to see amazing stunts and discover eye-opening strategies! The color, transparency, auto-fire function, and controller arrangement can be freely customized. The virtual stick can also be switched between analog and digital operation. Control settings can be changed from the pause menu.*Be careful that the signal is not cut off while purchasing something. If the purchasing process is interrupted, there is a chance that purchased items will disappear.*Free play credits are valid only for the day the application is loaded. Please understand that they cannot be saved for a later date. Free play credits are regenerated every 24 hours.Please keep this in mind before making your purchase.©2011 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.[Terms of Service]
[Latest recommended models and other inquiries]*English support only
Notes on Updating "NAMCO ARCADE""NAMCO ARCADE" has version up to 1.0.3 on May 8th,2015. With this, the compatibility of Android OS has been changed to later than 4.2. If you have older Android version on your device, please upgrade your OS version to more than 4.2. Also, please refer to the following notes for further details;
+ NOTES +- Application cant be upgraded with Android OS 4.1 or older- If you have deleted the application from your device, the application cant be reinstalled with Android OS 4.1 or older- We dont guarantee for any loss of any kind caused by OS version upgrade
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
[Recommended Models]F-01DF-09DF-11DF-04EF-05EF-06EF-09EF-02FF-03FF-05FF-02GF-04GHW-01EHW-03Ed-01GL-05DL-01EL-02EL-04EL-05EDM-01GN-07DN-08DN-02EN-03EN-04EN-05EP-08DP-02ESC-02DSC-06DSC-01ESC-02ESC-03ESC-04ESC-01FSC-02FSC-04FSC-01GSC-02GSC-03GSC-04GSC-05GSH-06DSH-07DSH-09DSH-10DSH-01ESH-02ESH-04ESH-07ESH-04FSH-06FSH-01GSH-02GSH-03GSH-03GSO-02ESO-03ESO-04ESO-02FSO-03FSO-04FSO-05FSO-01GSO-02GT-02DAST21CAL21ISW13FFJL21FJT21HTL21INFOBAR A02HTL22URBANO PROGRESSOKYL21KYL22URBANO L02URBANO L03INFOBAR A03LGL21LGL22LGL23LGV31LGV32PTL21ISW11SCSCL21SCL22SCL23SCL24SCV31SCT21ISW16SHIS17SHSHL21SHL22SHL23SHL24SHL25SHT21SHT22SHV31SOL21SOL22SOL23SOL24SOL25SOL26SOT21101F301F201HW201K201M403SC404SC106SH107SH200SH203SH204SH205SH303SH304SH305SH402SH401SODM013SHDM014SHWX05SH302HW402LGNexus5Nexus10Nexus7(2012)Nexus9Nexus6